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about alison

Hello! I'm so glad you're here...

I'm Alison, owner and floral artist for Solstice Floral Studio. I have been designing flowers for the last 19 years. Although I started as a graphic designer, a job in a floral shop changed the whole path of my life. I was fascinated with all the colors, shapes, petal formations and amazing textures of everything I saw. I soon realized floral design was my passion. I finished my degree at KU, always with the intent of opening my own studio someday. That formal education in visual communication directly translated to the way I compose my floral art, and gives me a unique perspective.  I approach each arrangement as a piece of artwork, combining flowers and textures to create the perfect composition. I enjoy collaborating with couples and curating textured, artful florals that tell the unique story of their love. 


photo | brigitte patterson photography


the assistant

Hello! I'm Violet...

Violet is the official mascot of Solstice Floral Studio. Named after a flower by her flower obsessed Mom. Always hanging around ready for a snuggle and quietly supporting Alison as she creates.  Occasionally getting kicked out of the studio for chewing on the random stem or flower discarded on the floor.

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